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Hi! I’m Hannah.

Founder. Recovering Workaholic. Wife + Dog Mom.

My mission in life is to help busy women pass the torch, reboot, and recharge

After 20 years of working in healthcare under intense pressure, I knew I needed some time to rest and rebuild. I spent three months talking to real (and really impressive) businesswomen and taking in their stories, and I realized that we were all running low on the same fuel: support, advice, and practical anti-burnout tools. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to help women like me make it out of the fire and experience the beauty of new growth.

Founded in 2021, SheShatters is a female-owned online platform designed to elevate women who are suffering from burnout. We are here to educate and empower women with strategies to overcome burnout so that they can be their best selves and support others to do the same.

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