Discover the Burnout-Beating Toolkit That Will Take Your Healing to a Deeper Level

Get my 4 part toolkit that will…

  • Identify and cure your burnout at the root cause 
  • Help you create a fulfilling and satisfying life 
  • Take your work from the bestselling ‘Hello, Head, Meet Heart’ book to a deeper level!

Want to trust you can navigate a busy or stressful period without worrying that you’re going to burnout again?

If you learn to treat burnout at the root cause and create a lifestyle that supports your dreams, you can live a life where burning out is a thing of the past. And with the ‘Hello, Head, Meet Heart’ Toolkit, it will be easier than ever!

Discover where your time is actually going each week, and if some sneaky bad habits are sabotaging your plans and leaving you feeling overworked and vulnerable to burning out.

Learn how to make friends with your inner critic, so you can laugh at their judgements instead of it sending you into a spiral every time you try to achieve something new or important to you.

Master the power of guided meditation as a tool to reveal what you really want from life, to manage stress in the moment, and reconnect with your true self.


The ‘Hello, Heart, Meet Heart’ Toolkit is for the ambitious professional who wants to stop being held back by burnout and exhaustion and start fulfilling their true potential. 

You know that you should be taking better care of your mental and emotional health, but there’s one problem: life just keeps getting in the way, and there’s never enough time to slow down and fix things! It’s no fun when you’re always in a “busy season” and trying to catch up so you can give yourself permission to slow down – without the guilt.

Let’s change that!

With this powerful toolkit you’ll:



  • Mentally beating yourself up for not “doing more.”
  • Consistently overworking so you feel like you’re “enough.”
  • Setting goals with unrealistic deadlines only for you to have to reschedule – again.



  • Practicing true self compassion.
  • Setting healthy boundaries with your boss AND yourself.
  • Set goals and dreams that TRULY light you up, not just things you think you ‘should’ want.

This is why this toolkit is so good – it’s a 4-week step-by-step guidebook with powerful exercises and healing meditations to help you reframe burnout and solve it at its source.

No more ending every week feeling exhausted, no more feeling ‘behind schedule’ on all of your goals, and no more waiting for more time to just appear to allow you to do this work.


The ‘Hello, Head, Meet Heart’ Toolkit!

The second that you join the toolkit, you’ll have access to…

  • 4-weeks of self-study course materials
  • 6 digitally-editable workbooks filled with exercises
  • 7 professionally recorded guided meditations

Plus! These amazing bonuses to make rediscovering the real you even easier! 

  • A digital copy of the ‘Hello, Head, Meet Heart’ book!
  • The bonus ‘Power Stance’ guided meditation to boost your confidence

Grab all of this for just $47!

I loved the toolkit. The exercises in the toolkit helped me move forward towards getting unstuck in my life. I highly recommend it!


Grab this toolkit now! It was a natural next step after reading Hannah’s book, “Hello, Head, Meet Heart. If you’re searching for answers to find out what’s next for you in your life – this toolkit will help you find the answers you’ve been searching for.


The meditations that accompanied the toolkit were fabulous! It was nice to have a voice walking me through each week.


Imagine if you could…

  • Drive into work on Monday mornings without a sense of dread.
  • Make plans for the year ahead that you’ll actually achieve because burnout didn’t derail everything again. 
  • Feel truly satisfied about the work you do, the life you live and your plans for the next 5, 10 and 20 years!
  • Set and enforce healthy boundaries for your relationships and time.

With the ‘Hello, Head, Meet Heart’ Toolkit you have everything you need, and more, to help you make this happen!

My name’s Hannah Austin.

I’m an author, podcast host, and speaker based in Portland, USA.

I’m on a mission to help people on the brink of setting fire to it all, learn how to burn brightly instead of burning out, and finally find some balance. 

Ever since the day I collapsed due to burnout, I’ve been obsessed with figuring out what makes us burnout and how to design a work life balance that simply, works.

When you join the ‘Hello, Head, Meet Heart’ Toolkit,
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✅ The Welcome Guide + Pre Work (Value: $37)

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✅ All the Coaching Exercises (Value: $97)

✅ All the Journalling Prompts (Value: $97)

✅ All the Guided Meditations (Value: $127)

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