00.00 Intro

00.23 Let’s dive in

01.12 I was a workaholic

01.40 My burnout wakeup call

02.40 What my life looks like with balance

02.58 Triggers

03.48 The Burn Brightly Model – 6 Steps

06.33 Burnout Quiz

Show Notes:

We live in a fast paced society, and we are constantly trying to keep up and reach for “success”. But we may be settling unrealistic expectations, or we’re being unrealistic with our timelines. In this episode, Hannah dives into what burnout looks like versus what finding the balance looks like. Learn all about Hannah’s creation, The Burn Brightly Model that includes 6 steps to slowing the burn and finding balance.

There is no quick fix to break free from burnout but you can absolutely get started today. You can transition from burnout to brilliance. If you’re unsure about where you are at with all of this. I have a free quiz to help you see where you sit on the burnout scale and how you can cool things down.

Visit https://sheshatters.com/quiz/ for more information.