Welcome To SheShatters

We’re a team of fiery females who believe in slowing down to glow up. 

We know it as well as you do:

living in the middle of our modern world means dealing with hustle culture, hard deadlines, and the heat that comes with being constantly under the pump - and we’re not alone. Burnout is sneaking up on hard-working women at scary rates, and so many of us feel like there’s nothing we can do about it.

Whether you’re working hard in your career, raising a family, chasing your personal development goals, or doing it ALL at once, you might feel like there’s no room to give anything up or even stop to catch your breath. But, like the smart, successful women we work with every day, you probably already know the truth...

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A change really is as good as a holiday - and lady, you need (and deserve)

a bit of both.

That’s where She Shatters can help you.

We’re a collective of women who have been where you are right now and carved out a path to find our way back to a life of balance, brilliance, and brightness. Now, we’re here to help you create a life that restores your most precious resources: your energy, time, and passion for the things that truly light you up.

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Our big, bright vision is to create a community of empowered women who are able to turn towards themselves with compassion and create a life of balance and fulfillment. Plus, with an extensive background in healthcare and wellness, we’ve got the knowledge and experience to inspire and ignite REAL change.


Big dreams, brave new beginnings, bold action plans, women who burn bright, and travel (at least, when COVID is over!).

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Meet the founder

Hey, I'm Hannah

Born in Palmer, Alaska, I moved around a lot as a child before meeting my husband and settling down in Portland, Oregon. My true passion in life is helping women who are on fire in their careers learn how to slow the burn and find balance, and right now, I’m living that passion - but before I could get there, I had to look within and tend to the charred ends left by my journey through burnout.   

See, in a not-so-distant past life, I was a workaholic. After more than a decade of climbing the corporate healthcare ladder in Portland, Oregon - and one too many late nights in front of the computer screen juggling everything - I realized that something needed to change. I needed to change - because only once I did that would I be able to make the changes I wanted to see in the world. 

LOVES: my husband Peter, my mini bernedoodle Palmer, my amazing team and soul-driven work with She Shatters, and of course, a good self-care strategy.

On the surface

Things you should know about me

All about

Self-awareness, relaxation, being my best self and helping other women do the same. 

Not about

Hustle culture, corporate ladders, bottomless inboxes, or late nights in the office. 

If you’re with me on that, I’m saving a seat around the fire for you.

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Bid burnout goodbye

(for good)

Get a toolkit filled with practical tips to help you burn the candle at the right end.

Our Signature Resource

The She Burns Podcast

Ready to break up with burnout and shatter a few glass ceilings along the way? The SheBurns Podcast is full of inspiration and hot cool practical self-care strategies you’ll love. 

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5 Tips to Prevent Burnout

This guide will show you how to escape the burnout norm, embrace simple self-care strategies, and set boundaries like the powerful woman you are.
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