00.00 Intro
00.24 Christina’s Intro
01.23 Christina’s Story
02.28 Her big realisation
04:36 Suffering silently
06:23 Asking for help
09:04 Investing in herself
12:03 The pivot
14:24 Her first client
15:47 The big break
18:03 The next steps

Show Notes:

In this episode, Christina Scalera shares her journey from landing her dream job as an in-house trademark attorney right out of law school to realizing that it felt more like a nightmare. Despite building a successful seven-figure business, Christina experienced burnout and decided to sell her company. The conversation explores the seasons of burnout and how a pivot became the catalyst for reigniting her passion. Christina is now focused on coaching and consulting through her website, helping business owners build seven-figure-plus businesses using tech talk and social media, and assisting those considering selling their businesses.