00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:20 – A Promising Opportunity
00:02:47 – Making Business Plans from the Cubicle
00:03:54 – Surprise! I’m Quitting!
00:10:13 – A Wild 2016
00:15:26 – The Power of Prioritising Yourself
00:16:40 – Leveraging Your Time with YouTube
00:20:22 – Biggest Lessons from YouTube
00:23:13 – Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
00:26:35 – Future Growth and Goals

Show Notes:

In this episode, Hannah interviews YouTube Coach and Strategist Trena Little, on The Power of Prioritizing Yourself. Trena landed a “good” job with a government agency right out of college, but after 7 years of feeling like her soul was being ripped out every time she arrived in the parking lot, it was time for a change!

Hannah and Trena dive into the magic of changing everything about your life in a moment, building something new, and the challenges and rewards that come with it.

Listen in to discover more about leveraging your time to avoid burnout, prioritising yourself over traditional success markers and dancing with imposter syndrome when building something new.