00:00 Introduction to Kathy’s journey
01:05 Kathy’s life-changing challenges
03:26 Coping with loneliness and strength
06:39 Transitioning to new beginnings
07:55 Confronting brokenness and healing
09:08 Recognizing toxic patterns
11:05 Embracing self-care and self-discovery
13:57 Accepting responsibility for personal growth
15:29 Kathy’s transformation and her message on true strength
17:31 Advice for listeners feeling hollow
19:42 Advocating for self in a busy world
20:32 Connecting with Kathy for guidance

Show Notes:

In this heartfelt episode of the Burn Brightly podcast, we’re joined by Kathy, who shares her transformative journey from a place of loneliness and strength to one of healing and self-discovery.

Kathy reflects on her past TEDx talk experience, comparing her feelings of hollowness then to her current sense of groundedness and self-assurance. She offers insights into the difference between being strong and being healthy, and how self-care is about knowing and advocating for oneself.

For those feeling a sense of emptiness, Kathy provides gentle advice to start looking at themselves with the same grace they would offer a child. She emphasizes the power of making decisions for oneself and the importance of internal validation.