00:00:00 – Introduction by Hannah Austin
00:01:01 – Guests introduce themselves and discuss their connection to the topic of burnout.
00:02:18 – Miriam’s pivot from focusing solely on burnout to encompassing overall wellness.
00:10:43 – Empowering employees and providers to advocate for health and tailor services to meet corporate demands.
00:19:51 – Interplay between mental health and critical illnesses.
00:33:01 – The importance of data-driven approaches to address burnout among healthcare workers.
00:39:40 – Closing thoughts and calls to action
00:43:16 – Final remarks


Show Notes:

In this episode of Burn Brightly, host Hannah Austin engages in a profound conversation with wellness advocates Miriam and Jaqueline.

Together, they unravel the complex ties between physical health and mental wellness, explore how critical illnesses can shake mental stability, and stress the crucial step of recognizing and tackling burnout.

The conversation pivots to the power of seeking support, the role of empathy in healing, and leveraging data to reform healthcare and corporate systems.

The guests highlight the personal nature of burnout, advocating for self-honor and finding joy in work. They call for self-advocacy, cultural shifts in the workplace, and embracing the transformative shift from adversity to enlightenment.