As women, we’re all too familiar with gender bias and inequality in the corporate world, with ‘finance’ and ‘tech’ being notorious boys’ clubs. Then imagine the impossible challenge of being a queer woman of color, breaking into venture capitalism.

It’s not enough to get a seat at the table; we need a ticket to the line for a chance to be at the door and maybe in the room – let alone a seat at the table.

But could fearlessness and authenticity be the key to more women taking the lead in finance, tech and the entrepreneurial stage?

In this episode, we talk to the inspiring Arlan Hamilton, founder of Backstage Capital and Hire Runner. Having raised nearly $30 million for over 200 startups led by people of color and LGBTQ founders, she shares insights on taking your rightful seat at the table and creating a bigger table for those who come after.

Listen, and see where fearlessness and authenticity take you in life.

So what’s this episode really about:

  • How fearlessness and authenticity took Arlan from homelessness to venture capitalist 
  • How to navigate the world as a queer black woman in tech and finance 
  • The importance of a mentor and the no-fluff advice that will accelerate your business
  • How knowing oneself is the key to breaking the burnout cycle
  • The deep self-work it takes to understand the warning signs and triggers that you’re about to burnout
  • How living you unapologetically, in all facets of yourself, is enough. 

Why you should listen

As women, especially women of color, the door of opportunity is often closed when it comes to our entrepreneurial dreams. In this episode, we learn when to break down the door, when to build your own, and how being fearlessly and unapologetically yourself is the key to your dream life.

You can quote me on that

“You can’t be carrying everybody on your back. It’s not fair to you.” – Arlan Hamilton

“Putting your mouth behind your money behind what you’re saying.” – Arlan Hamilton

“Knowing your boundaries and what you’re not going to take, and then doing that, is important.” – Arlan Hamilton.

“What do I owe people is the answer to what I owe myself.” – Arlan Hamilton

“I wish I would have known that actions are everything.” – Arlan Hamilton.


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