Women are resilient creatures, but we’re not bulletproof. 

In fact, certain experiences – like a cancer diagnosis, for example – can leave you completely shattered, and unsure of how to put yourself back together. 

Any serious illness raises uncomfortable questions about how you’ll carry on, and beyond that, how you’ll manage to leave a legacy that carries on after you’re gone. 

There’s a lot to think about post-diagnosis, but there’s also a lot to do in order to keep things on the straight and narrow. We’re talking: 

  • Finding (and nurturing) the community of supportive women in your life 
  • Letting your purpose take you to our passion – and making sure you get to do what you want to do with the time you have
  • Dealing with your inner critic
  • Learning to look after yourself 

To do all of those things is to create a powerful legacy, almost subconsciously – one that will encourage other women to be the best version of themselves – and Iselyn Hamilton-Austin has got it all covered.  

As a breast cancer survivor, she is experienced in the art of overcoming, finding another way and moving forward – and in her role as a pediatric nurse, she dedicates her time to sharing her wisdom with incoming generations. 

She is also the founder and CEO of Duckling to Diva, an organization championing young women’s empowerment. 

In this episode of the She Burns podcast, Iselyn shares her hard-earned insights on everything from mortality motivation to defining your life path and creating positive relationships with others. 

So what’s this episode really about? 

  • Finding the resilience to overcome life’s biggest challenges 
  • The importance of doing the things you want to do before it’s too late
  • The power in a support network of driven, committed women 
  • Why you should invest time in learning good habits from childhood 

Why you should listen 

People who can blend unwavering support with total honesty are rare birds, and Iselyn Hamilton-Austin is one of them. As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, author and breast cancer survivor, she has seen the harsh realities of life and kept her can-do attitude through it all. 



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You can quote me on that…

“You don’t need a man if you’ve got a book.” – Hannah Austin 

“Most women who are game changers have been blindsided at one [point] or another. It’s how you pick your sh*t up off the ground and move forward.” – Hannah Austin 

“You’ve got to plant your own shit. You’ve got to dig your own hole and put your own seed in it – you have to. You can’t let things and people stop you. You do have to take a moment, though.” – Iselyn Hamilton-Austin 

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