These days, both men and women have a great deal more freedom when it comes to defining – and redefining – our career paths. 

The problem with having more freedom is that it tends to cause decision paralysis, particularly in those of us who aren’t sure exactly what we want or how to get there. 

Add to that the fact that our skills don’t always align with our interests, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for confusion. 

The good news is, since the pandemic tipped the scale, job applicants have been in high demand, giving them greater freedom to make decisions – and wherever guidance is needed, a good career coach is a must. 

Known as the career activator, Madelyn Mackie is among the best in the career coaching business, with expertise spanning the job search process from “applied” to “hired”. 

During COVID, job applicants decided it was time to find a job that allowed for work-life balance and happiness, Madelyn’s business went into growth mode, and now, her advice can help you do the same. 

Whether you’re working on defining the job you want, building your professional brand, or nailing the interview, Madelyn has got you covered with practical tips founded on personal experience. 

In this episode of the She Burns podcast, Madelyn and Hannah talk all about the process of finding work that gives you happiness and fulfillment, from building networks to signing contracts.  

So what’s this episode really about? 

  • The real value in “talking up” the company you work for 
  • Four steps towards finding the right job for you
  • Taking the “personal” out of business decisions 
  • The unexpected paths we take to find our dream jobs 

Why you should listen 

Many of us spend eight hours (or more) at work each day, and spending all that time in the wrong job can be seriously detrimental to our mental health. If you’re thinking about making a move and feeling unsure about how to navigate the process ahead, this episode will show you the way – and give you the nudge you need to make it happen. 


Madelyn Mackie 






You can quote me on that…

“If you want to go far, go together. A lot of us – in our jobs and careers – [have] a lot of far places we want to go, and we’re going to need some help to do it.” – Madelyn Mackie 

“Don’t be running away from something; run towards something.” – Hannah Austin 

“The future of an organization  is succession planning because if you’re succession planning correctly, you probably don’t have to recruit as much externally, depending on the organization.” – Hannah Austin

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