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'Hello, Head, Meet Heart'

is the breakthrough self-help book by Hannah Morgan Austin about HOW to tap into your extraordinary life.
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"Hannah shares her own honest journey through burnout, recovery and reemergence but more importantly provides a guide for finding who you really are and what really matters for you. In the process, “you destroy a life I was building for someone else so I could finally began to build a life for me”. Highly recommended."

Xinjin Zhao

"Hannah transported me into a parallel world where the mind and the heart are connected. Her narrative is engaging and emotional but is also full of hope and tools that allow the reader to be part of the story. I have no doubts that this book will touch many hearts and change many minds for the better."

Alex Daniel

"This book is amazing, and a must read for all. We need this more than ever in this day and age."

Cherish Jones

"Hannah very vulnerably shares her own challenges on the devastating impact burnout had on her. But she lets us know that a low point in our lives is not permanent and we can still redefine our path ahead, one that we love and gives us energy."

Dina S.

"In a world quick to filter for an audience, it's refreshing to read the words of someone who has walked the walk and continues to live out their mission. In "Hello Head, Meet Heart," Hannah Austin offers her readers insights into some of her most vulnerable moments. It is through these moments of challenge that she draws inspiration for supporting others through a journey of discovery and growth."

Lisa D.

But Hello, Head, Meet Heart isn’t just a book. It's a map for you to follow to bring your head and heart into alignment to guide you in discovering the extraordinary life within you.

After leaving corporate America during COVID due to burnout, Hannah Morgan Austin set out on a journey to understand her burnout, and to try and navigate a way out.  To the outside world she had it all, but on the inside she felt lost and unfulfilled and there a yearning for something deeper, something more.

It was at this pivotal moment she realized there was no map on HOW to begin to chart a course towards a new life beyond burnout.  So she created her own.

After interviewing hundreds of women (and a couple of men) on their experiences of successfully navigating the transformation to an extraordinary life, Hannah wrote Hello, Head, Meet Heart. Hello, Head, Meet Heart is part-memoir, part-self-help book in which each chapter is designed meet you where you are in YOUR journey, to act as a blueprint to follow, engage with, and participate in as you navigate your own transition.


Who is it for?

  • This book is for you if on the outside you’re holding it together but, on the inside, you’re feeling unfulfilled or uninspired.   
  • This book is for you if you feel a yearning for something “more”, but you don’t know what that is or how to find it.

“I believe that there is an extraordinary life inside all of us. Sometimes we just need a little help to tap into it."

Hannah Morgan Austin

- Author, Hello, Head, Meet Heart


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What Readers are saying:

"This book resonated with me (as a woman who worked in sales) who felt at times very strongly, the competitive nature of women. I'm so excited that you're writing this book. I got teary reading the last chapter "Letter to myself". When you said that you woke up in the middle of the night and wrote a letter to yourself in your darkest hour, I thought to myself - YES that's ME".

(BETA reader)

"I devoured your book. I loved hearing your voice tell your story. You have done a wonderful job keeping it real. My very favorite phrase in the book (and one that I have adopted in my own head now), 'self-care isn't going to fix this'."

(beta reader)

"This was one of the most honest, raw books I've read in the last 5 years. The exercises in the book were so thought provoking. Each one made me think about HOW I want to live my life and WHAT the next steps are to reach towards the life I WANT. Finally, a self-help book that actually HELPS!"

(beta reader)

"In her debut book, Hannah Austin spins gold from stories. With full vulnerability and candor, she shares how she shifted from a powerful healthcare executive to a change agent on a mission to destroy burnout. I particularly loved Hannah's open and curious energy radiating from the pages."

Jennie Byrne
MD, Ph.D., Author: Work Smart: Use Your Brain
and Behavior to Master the Future of Work

“Hannah transported me into a parallel world where the mind and the heart are connected. Her narrative is engaging and emotional but is also full of hope and tools that allow the reader to be part of the story. I have no doubts that this book will touch many hearts and change many minds for the better.”

Miriam Zylberglait Lisigurski
MD, FACP, DABOM, Author: The 3G Cycle.
The Secret of Achieving Joy, Meaning, and Well-Being.


Hannah Morgan Austin

Hannah Austin is a highly sought-after corporate leader and management professional, specializing in the management and prevention of burnout for professionals. As the CEO and Founder of SheShatters, LLC, she draws on her experience consulting and coaching corporate leaders to provide employees- at the mid to high point of their careers-with the support they need to burn brightly without burning out.


Prior to founding SheShatters, Hannah spent 20 years as an executive in the healthcare industry, a role in which she faced immense pressures and witnessed her colleagues suffering the effect of burnout en masse. She became determined to make a change that would impact not only her own path in life, but the paths of the many inspiring professionals she knew and worked with.

Hannah founded SheShatters in 2021 with the goal of helping employees and managers to find a balance between their personal and professional lives, and on a macro level, leading a movement away from corporate hustle culture. Since launching the movement, she has been a staunch advocate for more holistic education around the experience of burnout and practical methods of identifying, managing, and cooling off from burnout.

Hannah’s first book, Hello, Head, Meet Heart
is now available for purchase on amazon