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From One on One Coaching to Organizational Consulting, Hannah can help you or your team go from Burnt Out to Brilliant.

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Individual coaching

Are you feeling burned out and are looking for a change but you don’t know WHAT you need? Our Burn Bright team can help guide you from Burnout to Brilliance!

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This option is designed for you to get started on your transformation journey. This is a great way for you to get comfortable with coaching and provides you with the flexibility to pay as you go.


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Kickstart your transformation and commit to 4 deep-dive sessions over 4 – 6 weeks.

Plus:  Additional email support for in-between sessions to help you continue your progress.


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Supercharge your transformation.  8 sessions held over 4 months, including:

  • 50-minute sessions 
  • Access to your call recordings
  • Email support for in-between sessions
  • A copy of the “Burn Bright Toolkit”


Not sure what you need?

Book a complimentary 15-minute consultation with our team to learn more.


Organizational wellness coaching

Does your organization seem to be struggling with Burnout but you don’t know WHERE to start? Ask us about our Burnout Prevention Program for managers and teams.

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Collectively with all members of your team (up to ten team members), Hannah will work with your team to help them find their spark again.


  • 15-min pre-meeting with Hannah to discuss organizational goals for the session
  • 60-minute virtual discussion with your team, Q & A or panel discussion


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Ignite the spark in your team and empower them to make active decisions through this online workshop.


  • 15-min pre-meeting with Hannah to discuss organizational goals for the session
  • 60-minute virtual workshop-using exercises from Burn Bright Toolkit
  • Digital copy of the Burn Bright Toolkit for all team members and managers


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Get Hannah on your team as an “inhouse” wellness coach for your staff each month.


  • Embedded virtual coaching wellness support for your employees
  • Organizational wellness assessment-summary report provided
  • 50-minute monthly individual coaching sessions for up to 10 employees
  • Coaching via phone or Zoom
  • Ongoing email support for leadership team

   Package information available     upon request. 

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The Ultimate Support for your Management Team

Employee Count: Up to 20 people (negotiable for smaller teams)

This extensive program gets Hannah into your organization for 3 months to help your managers navigate the post-pandemic workplace and the unique challenges that come with this unique time.

Below you can see the 3 phases of the program in more detail.

1. Individual Development

  • One, 45-min Individual Leadership Discussion with Director, VP etc.
  • One, 30-min up front interview with each member of the management team to provide overall context of the program etc.
  • One, 45-minute (one-on-one) coaching sessions per leader to include a personalized Leadership Development Plan.

2.  Team/Group development

  • Collective Leadership Burn Bright Alignment Sessions
  • Two, 2-hour team /group sessions (Facilitator / team will choose from the content of the collective leadership Burn Bright topics).

3. Burn Bright Content:

  • Burnout Context-what is burnout, how does it show up in your organization, what are the effects it has on the organization, team, and clients?
  • Psychological affects, what happens in your brain, body, mind?
  • Burnout Quiz Administered (after 30-min upfront interview with each member of the management team).
  • Burnout Quiz Results collated and shared (during Collective Burn Bright Alignment session).
  • Personalized Leadership Development Plan (during one-on-one coaching sessions).
  • Team Agreements Session-what changes will be made in the department etc.
  • Burn Bright Accountability Matrix
  • 30, 60, 90 day follow up session (ZOOM)

Package information available upon request.

Not sure which is the best option for your organization?

Book a complimentary 15-minute consultation with our team to learn more about how Hannah can assist your organization.


“Hannah was a great person to connect with to help me clarify and flush out all of the things that have been stressing me out during the pandemic. She helped me to have the confidence to move forward in my decision making about where I wanted my life and career to go. I had been having near daily panic attacks for months but I’m feeling some optimism with solidifying some decisions after our discussion”.

-SheShatters Client