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Work with Hannah 1:1 to overcome burnout in your life, whether it be from work, family, covid, life...whatever! These powerful sessions will help you find your way back to you, and to move forward with more focus, enthusiasm, and energy. If you want make sure you are living your one precious life, the way you want - read on!

Individual coaching

Here are a few of our signature programs for you to choose from:

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This option is designed for you to get started on your transformation journey. This is a great way for you to get comfortable with coaching and provides you with the flexibility to pay as you go.


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Kickstart your transformation and commit to 4 deep-dive sessions over 4 - 6 weeks.

Plus:  Additional email support for in-between sessions to help you continue your progress.


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Supercharge your transformation.  8 sessions held over 4 months, including:

  • 50-minute sessions 
  • Access to your call recordings
  • Email support for in-between sessions
  • A copy of the "Burn Bright Toolkit"


Not sure what you need?

Book a complimentary 15-minute consultation with our team to learn more.

"Hannah was a great person to connect with to help me clarify and flush out all of the things that have been stressing me out during the pandemic. She helped me to have the confidence to move forward in my decision making about where I wanted my life and career to go. I had been having near daily panic attacks for months but I’m feeling some optimism with solidifying some decisions after our discussion".

-SheShatters Client