Bring Hannah into your organization to help your team burn bright - and not burn out

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Management Consulting:

Having worked in upper management for decades, Hannah has amassed a wealth of experience in this niche

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Development & Coaching:

Hannah offers corporate career development training and coaching for employees, with a particular focus on those in Mid-Level Management, Senior Level & Executive Leadership positions.

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Diversity & Inclusion:

Hannah regularly consults workplaces on the cultural influence of diversity and inclusion policies and how this can affect teams and individuals.

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Skilled in:

Burnout Prevention, Strategic Planning-North Star pathways, Organizational Wellness & effectiveness.

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Certified Professional Coach:

Certified Professional Coach (CPC)-Certified Life Coach Institute

Coaching Support Programs

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Team Workshop

  • Ignite the spark in your team and empower them to make active work-life flow decisions through this online workshop.
  • This package includes a 15-min goal-setting meeting with Hannah before the session.
  • Copies of the Burn Bright Toolkit for all participants, and a 50-minute virtual workshop using the exercises.
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Get Hannah on your team as your "inhouse" coach for your staff. This package includes:
  • Embedded virtual coaching wellness support for your employees. 50-minute monthly individual coaching sessions/per employee via phone, Zoom.
  • Theme report outs provided for your leadership team (employee sessions)
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  • This extensive program gets Hannah into your organization for one to three months to help your leaders navigate the post-pandemic workplace and the unique challenges that come with this unique time.
  • Delivered in three phases, the program content covers development on an individual and group level.

Not sure which is the best option for your organization?

Book a complimentary 15-minute consultation with our team to learn more about how Hannah can assist your organization.


Hannah Austin is a highly sought-after corporate leader and management professional, specializing in the management and prevention of burnout for professionals. As the CEO and Founder of SheShatters, LLC, she draws on her experience consulting and coaching corporate leaders to provide employees- at the mid to high point of their careers-with the support they need to burn brightly without burning out.

Prior to founding SheShatters, Hannah spent 20 years as an executive in the healthcare industry, a role in which she faced immense pressures and witnessed her colleagues suffering the effect of burnout en masse. She became determined to make a change that would impact not only her own path in life, but the paths of the many inspiring professionals she knew and worked with.

Hannah founded SheShatters in 2021 with the goal of helping employees and managers to find a balance between their personal and professional lives, and on a macro level, leading a movement away from corporate hustle culture. Since launching the movement, she has been a staunch advocate for more holistic education around the experience of burnout and practical methods of identifying, managing, and cooling off from burnout.

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“Burning bright (not out!) is not just the result of an all-inclusive spa retreat. It’s all about small changes for big impacts, and at SheShatters, that’s what we’re all about: helping employees in the workplace take their career by storm through oh-so-tiny tweaks to their day-to-day life.”

- Hannah Austin