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Join us for the 2022 Reset + Reignite Retreat!


This digital, online retreat is designed for you to PAUSE, lean into yourself, and reignite your flame! 

Professionals all over the world are suffering from burnout and exhaustion and WE are SO OVER COVID. 

This is your time to turn towards yourself, dig deep inside-examine your core values, think through your inner purpose, understand, and explore the barriers and boundaries to your success and begin to design a new life and career path you love. 

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Day 1 

Hannah Austin – Burn Bright Workshop

The last couple of years has been A. LOT. for women all over the world as they find themselves burnt out, depleted and in all different states of crisis. We've been trying to navigate a Covid Storm that just won't go away! This workshop is designed to allow you the time and space to turn towards your inner self. To explore what brings you joy, and clarify what no longer serves you in your life. We will begin to set the stage for the possibilities that lie ahead for YOU. 

Day 2

Donna Star – Understanding Barriers to Success 

We all make choices that limit our potential and performance. Oftentimes, you don’t see all the choices that you have available to you. If you are not achieving all that you want, it is potentially an Inner Block that is holding you back from greater success.


Day 3 

Hannah Austin, Joanie Johnson, Tanya Peterson Clarity Workshop and Panel Discussion 

We often feel stuck in our current situation or in a career that no longer ignites us inside. This session is designed to educate, inspire and help you start to explore what's next for you in your career (and to create a strategy to make it happen). 

Join us to explore questions like:

  • What are your career goals in a covid world?
  • What are your "secret-sauce" transferrable skills?
  • What are secrets to a killer resume and Linkedin Profile in 2022

Live Event

Digital Retreat image
Join us for the 2022 Reset + Reignite Retreat!


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