When I was young, I wanted to be “someone”, as I think many of us do – and when you think about it, there is no better time to want such things. 

In childhood and adolescence, we have big dreams, hopes, and plans, and all the energy we need to bring them to life.

Then, as we get older, we come face to face with situations that awaken a sense of overwhelming pressure; pressure to be – and have – it all. 

Since the beginning of COVID-19, perhaps no one has felt that pressure more acutely than medical and mental health professionals… 

But the pandemic has also given rise to extraordinary “ordinary” people with skills and talents that will carry us further along the road to recovery. 

People like Emily Jensen. 

As the CEO of Thinking Tree Spirits, a distillery based in Oregon, Emily has mastered the art of pivoting, transforming her business into a large-scale producer of much-needed hand sanitizer for her community. 

Emily became “someone” to the community almost overnight as the pandemic swept through the nation – but that transformation comes at a cost. 

In this episode, Emily divulges her experience of finding purpose during the pandemic and how you can make the best of what you have with the people who matter the most. 

So what’s this episode really about?

  • What it really means to have it all (and whether it’s possible) 
  • How moment-to-moment consciousness can help you to avoid burnout  
  • The impact of your childhood and school years on the person you will become 
  • Handling changes in your closest relationships and taking care of those who matter most 
  • The value of a supportive community in creating culture shifts and movements 

Why you should listen

In a world where you can be anything, Emily Jensen is many things: an environmental advocate, a qualified clinical music therapist, a mother, and a distillery CEO who produces life-saving hand sanitizer. If you’re looking for a source of resounding hope and inspiration, you’ll find it in her story. 


Thinking Tree Spirits

She Shatters

You can quote me on that… 

“Having it all, in my family, as a child, was about having the freedom to be surrounded by the beauty of the earth. Having it all meant time and freedom.” – Emily Jensen

“People want to help each other. They’re intrinsically good. I believe that and I would much rather operate from that standpoint.”  – Emily Jensen 

“Hearing Emily talk about her journey reminds us of how impactful it can be when we get to dig deeper into women’s lives and backgrounds and hear their stories. These stories validate that we are not alone in our circumstances of burnout. It gives us hope and challenges us to work on ourselves from the inside out.” – Hannah Austin 

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