Making a recovery from the pandemic has been a long and challenging process for so many of us as people, organizations and communities. There has never been a better time to talk about the lasting impact it has had on our mental health. 

Whether you’re an employee on the verge of burnout in your own work life or one of the nine in ten employers who are worried about staff wellbeing and productivity, the past few years have left us with plenty to work through. 

  • For employers, in particular, the learning curve can be a steep one – a scramble to implement effective support mechanisms, from coaching and community engagement opportunities to technological supports. 

The good news is, if you’re an employer faced with the task of creating that space for the first time – or rejuvenating it after years of neglect – there are plenty of practical strategies that can help you to design an effective plan and turn it into action. 

It boils down to making each member of your team feel like a valued member of something bigger than themselves, welcoming open-ended conversation and combatting a fear of change with a sense of excitement. 

Similarly, a lot can happen when employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their own burnout barometers and support their peers in doing the same.  

In this webinar presented for Wisetail-one of the leading software companies dedicated to improving staff wellbeing, I cover a handful of practical strategies for tackling burnout, some very telling data, and plenty of tips to help you and your team get a little more out of each day (and feel a lot less drained). 

My motto for 2022? “Focus, define (or redefine) and transform”. 

So what’s this webinar really about? 

  • Practical tips on relieving angst and stress 
  • The “why” behind the “how” and the “what” 
  • How managers can build a bridge between themselves and their employees 
  • How to get peer-to-peer support right 
  • The one thing we can all do to improve our communication in the workplace

Why you should watch 

There’s no shortage of discussions happening around burnout and the challenges it presents for staff and leadership teams. This discussion is different. It’s all about opening up a new dialogue – one that reflects on simple, practical steps every workplace can take to turn down the pressure and turn up the productivity. If you see yourself becoming a leader of the future – someone with their fingers on the pulse of their workplace culture – this conversation will open your mind to simple, yet effective pathways to connection and transformation. 

Watch the webinar here.


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“If you are ready to face challenges head on and see them as clues on ways that you could already improve, you’re ahead of many organizations.” – Hannah Austin