It’s the ultimate career woman’s dread: Exchanging those early morning wake-up calls for a mile-long coffee stream, the skip in your step as you blast through the office doors becomes replaced with a sluggish shuffle, and life starts feeling that little bit greyer. For some women, burnout appears in flashing lights and sirens, but often, gentle guidance is the key to facing this sneaky happiness-zapper head-on.

The good news?

Burning bright (not out!) is not just the result of an all-inclusive retreat on a tropical island. It’s all about small changes for big impacts, and at SheShatters, that’s what we’re all about: helping women in the workplace take their career by storm through oh-so-tiny tweaks to their day-to-day.

But what even is burnout?

Well, it looks a little different for everybody. If you’re the always-on-the-go type, your symptoms may vary from somebody who prefers to take things slow. Think all-consuming exhaustion – the kind that makes getting out of bed a daily battle. Think lighting-up-a-room personalities slowly transitioning to pessimism – “Ugh! I hate this job.” And think headaches and stomach pain that niggles in symmetry with your stresses.

Ultimately, we like to think of burnout as an energy vampire, sucking your joy, passions, and vitality until you put the burnout monster to bed, otherwise known as getting in some all-important rest. For many women, they simply don’t feel ‘right’, with their to-do piling up, their mood taking a dip, and ‘sick days’ creeping to the forefront. With 75% of US professionals experiencing burnout, it is important to remember you’re not alone!

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– SheShatters Team