Perhaps the most frustrating thing about dreams is that they are not linear. 

No matter how passionate you are about your life right now, there’s always the chance that something that feels even bigger and more exciting will emerge from that part of your soul that can’t always be heard. 

The thing is, achieving those dreams depends on your ability to keep moving forward when life gets difficult, and there are plenty of things that threaten to get in your way. 

Whether you’re facing up against a lack of resources, a limiting set of attitudes and beliefs, or even the restrictive thoughts and feelings of those around you, there will always be obstacles to your biggest dreams. 

I would argue that the key to overcoming it all and achieving your dreams lies not in knocking down obstacles, but in becoming a person who sees each of them as an opportunity. 

A person like Candice Eastman. 

Candice is a life coach, a hairstylist, a therapist, and a writer who loves nothing more than the magic of watching others embark on their dreams and make them come true. 

Having done just that for herself when she launched Elle Leva, her own online publication for women, Candice has learned a few important lessons about the value of support – from your family, your community, and most importantly, from yourself. 

In order to step into herself, Candice needed to overcome the limitations of growing up in a low-income family and the burdens of others’ troubles and truly embody her alter ego, “The Queen” – and it all makes for a great story. 

In this episode of the She Burns podcast, Candice talks through the experiences that led her to follow her passion and consciously create every part of her life in the process. 

So what’s this episode really about? 

  • The hidden “blessing” of lockdown
  • How to consciously create your behaviors and your life 
  • The importance of a “no excuses” mindset 
  • How we can raise children to be strong and mindful amidst burnout culture 
  • The power of positive role models and supportive partners

Why you should listen 

As a firm believer in personal development and following passions, Candace embodies everything we stand for at She Shatters and proves that there’s no such thing as a dead-end on this journey of life. Like our community, the Elle Leva magazine was created to bring women together and celebrate our gifts, and we can never have too many opportunities to do just that. 


She Shatters 

Elle Leva 

You can quote me on that… 

“You don’t need to save the day for people. You can extend yourself but you can also have a boundary.” – Candice Eastman

“[It’s about] surrounding yourself with people, things, thoughts, manifestations – whatever you want to call it – to come into your true self to basically excavate those negative thoughts or excavate that negativity around you, and really become that shining bright Queen diamond.” – Hannah Austin 

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