If you were being chased by a bear, how would you feel? 

Terrified, exhausted, and pretty damn stressed, right? 

Now, because it has been a hot minute since most people have had to fight off nature’s predators for survival, that scenario might be difficult to imagine – but the reality is, those same stress hormones are still flowing through many of us on a daily basis. 

The ability to stretch our stress response can be a beautiful thing, allowing us to experience the fullest expression of life, but it only stretches so far…

And if you’re going into stressful situations (like a bear chase, or a pandemic) with a heavy load of existing stressors tied to your back, chances are that you won’t be able to carry them for long. 

At least, not without a few robust coping mechanisms in place. 

Like most pursuits in life, there’s a good and not-so-good way to deal with stressors, and it’s simpler than you might expect: 

The key is to accept uncontrollable situations, rather than trying in vain to control them, and knowing the difference between the two – and if there’s one person qualified to share that knowledge, it’s Dr. Csilla Veress. 

Dr. Csilla is a primary care doctor at True North Health Center in Santa Rosa, California whose mission is to provide the education and inspiration we all need for holistic health. 

Csilla is also an author, podcast contributor, naturopathic physician, and licensed acupuncturist – and when she gets a free moment from all of that, she makes an amazing podcast guest! 

In this episode of the She Burns podcast, Csilla shared powerful insights on the importance of working with all the systems in the body, the value of clear self-perception, and the questions we all need to ask ourselves for better health. 

So what’s this episode really about? 

  • What a truly holistic approach to healthcare looks like 
  • Strategies for understanding and managing stressors in a productive way
  • Why self-worth is such an important part of holistic health 
  • How focussing on the basics can lead to life-changing transformation 

Why you should listen 

Some people make wellness seem overly complicated, difficult, or inaccessible, but not Dr Csilla. She’s all about a wholesome combination of in-depth knowledge and actionable advice, and once you experience the benefits of holistic health for yourself, you won’t be able to get enough!   


Dr Csilla Veress 

She Shatters

You can quote me on that… 

“Wellness isn’t just about focusing on the medical components anymore. It’s about acknowledging the mental health component as well.” – Hannah Austin 

“One of the best ways that you can protect your adrenals, that you can actually help prevent burnout and also start to reverse the process, is social connection.” – Csilla Veress

“Sleep is like an airplane, not like a helicopter…You have to go on this runway and get enough speed so that you can fall asleep.” – Csilla Veress

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