Many of us have been there. As productivity starts to slump and the dread begins to seep in, we question whether life as a career woman – and true career fulfillment – is really for us. From the Sunday blues that stop our weekends in their tracks to taking hours to unwind after a jam-packed day, burnout often creeps up without any warning. And before we know it, a pink slip is sat on our desk.

With women leaving the workforce due to burnout in their droves, we think it’s time to start the conversation. Why are those who are burned out running to the door? Is there more our employers could be doing to support us? What is the secret to burning bright? With burned-out employees 2.6 times more likely to look for career fulfillment in a new job, women everywhere are seeing no other option but to leave the workforce.

Our goal?

To provide you with a toolkit that enables you to thrive.

At SheShatters, we are all about empowerment. We think that women, both here in the US and in the far corners of the globe, deserve to experience career fulfillment, letting their creativity flow, their confidence soar, and their lives start on an upwards trajectory. We’re working towards a new normal, where we aim to inject a new lease of life to mind, body, and spirit focus through our burnout-focused podcast (Ahem… Launching this summer!).

Our message is simple: There is hope to prevent burnout. It is not something that will plague you until retirement, making every workday feel like a lifetime. A burnout-free life is on the other side of empowerment, and whether you choose to make the switch to a new workplace or stick with what you know, you are supported every step of the way.

Psst… We would love to hear your top tips for combatting burnout. If you have any creative solutions, we are all ears!

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– SheShatters Team